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  • libssh (Developer, Reporter, 2010-12-27)


Reported issues: 21


10:14 libssh Bug #264 (New): Key exchange fails if server doesn't send KEXINIT packet first section 7 specifies we have to send KEXINIT all at once and we may make a guess....


20:18 libssh Bug #261: 159
Is there any reason why you didn't add a comment to bug 159 ? We can't use this patch because it works around ...


15:48 libssh Bug #247 (Assigned): Server hostkey: allow ed25519 only
The server implementation will not accept to start of neither DSA or RSA keys are configured. This is obsolete with e...
15:47 libssh Bug #246 (Assigned): allow use of memory-only keys for ssh_bind/hostkey
Currently it is compulsory to use a file on the VFS to accept new connections.


10:49 libssh Bug #244 (New): Document/add defines on the external event interface
This code is very confusing and the callback has no documentation despite being public.


18:00 libssh Bug #242 (New): Bad authentication state after failed GSSAPI authentication


14:25 libssh Bug #241 (Invalid): "Compiled without LIBSSH v0.4.x support, module is not available!"
13:35 libssh Bug #241: "Compiled without LIBSSH v0.4.x support, module is not available!"
You can install hydra with libssh support using
brew install hydra --with-libssh
This doesn't look like a li...


15:41 libssh Bug #202: crypt_set_algorithms2 doesn't handle Ciphers as a list and fails connection prematurely
The problem we have here is that we're being consistent with OpenSSH's behavior, while having less ciphers than them:...
13:44 libssh Bug #239: Disconnection at Random times
Unfortunately we're a little short of information here to reproduce the problem. If I understand well:
- It happens ...

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