Milo Jhoran


  • libssh (Developer, Reporter, 2011-03-09)


Reported issues: 3


14:33 libssh Bug #42 (Fixed): Avoid infinite loop in ssh_poll_ctx_free()
In ssh_poll_ctx_free(), when the callback doesn't free the poll, ctx->polls_used is not decremented and leading to an...
14:28 libssh Bug #41 (Fixed): [server] segfault at disconnect
Upon receiving a MSG_DISCONNECT message, ssh_packet_disconnect_callback() calls ssh_socket_close() that calls ssh_pol...
14:16 libssh Bug #40 (Fixed): [server] recursion loop when sending a lot of data to the client
When the server send a lot of data to the client, calling ssh_channel_write(), it can enter an recursion loop when th...

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